The Very Beginning of Your Scene

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The New Movement, a comedy theater in Austin and New Orleans, specializes in creating and following a map in every scene we do. During this workshop, we’ll focus on using the beginning of the scene to influence the rest. It will lead to improv that’s a lot simpler, which leads to more fun which leads to more interesting scenes.

Chris Trew
10:00 AM Sunday August 20 at Comedy City
Students: 16
Skill Level: All

Chris Trew is a comedian, pro wrestling manager, and improv teacher out of New Orleans where he is the co-founder and Creative Director of The New Movement, a theater and training center in New Orleans and Austin, Tx. He’s written a book about improv (Improv Wins) and is a comedy festival veteran having produced, performed in, or founded nearly 50 festivals since 2008. You may have seen him on SeeSo, America’s Got Talent, or MTV.

If the workshop is sold out and you’d like to be put on the first-come-first serve waiting list, send us your contact information at and include the name of your workshop in the subject line.

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