Listen Like a Thief

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The ultimate way to make  each other look good! Every little thing said on stage is important. The audience heard it!  If you have a hard time listening. Talk less. The less you talk the more they listen. When your scenes have strong listening they have breath and life! Learn to listen like a thief.

Lauren Pritchard and Kelly Vrooman (Laurelly)
10:00 AM Saturday August 19 at Comedy City
Students: 14
Skill Level: All

Lauren is a former cast member of MadTV and has appeared on Stuck in the Middle, The Sarah Silverman Program, How I Met Your Mother, True Blood, and more. Kelly was the host and a writer for The Chica Show on Sprout TV and NBC Kids.  She has been a host and writer for 24-7 Comedy Radio. Laurelly are the all-time iO West Cagematch champions, having held the title for a record 69 consecutive weeks!

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