The ninja
Kansas City, MO
"The Ninja" is a Kansas City-based Improv troupe that performs a long-form Improv set using a specific set of rules unique to the Ninja format. For example, a Ninja never uses a chair; a Ninja will be the chair! Ninjas never use tags or sweeps, instead they silently kill the scene players. Oh, and Ninjas absolutely cannot resist karaoke. The result is a fast-paced, premise-driven set that will leave the audience and performers gasping for breath!  
Our troupe is comprised of 9 Kansas City area improvisers who each bring their own experiences and insights to each performance. "The Ninja" features Kyle Dewey, Eyual Getahun, Macey Hundley, Preston Lagemann, Cody Lindenberger, Rachel McDowell, Carrie Richwine, Laura Speicher, and Jonathan Troyer.