Kansas City, MO
That's No Movie is a Kansas City-based improv troupe that creates an entire movie, all made up on the spot without a script. Using just their minds and bodies, they become the characters, dialogue, props, costumes, sound effects, CGI effects, camera angles, director's commentary and more. That’s No Movie performs a variety of film and tv genres, including That's No Moon: An Improvised Space Opera, That's No Cape: An Improvised Super Hero Movie, That's No Hockey Mask: An Impovised Slasher Flick, That's No Brain: An Improvised Zombie Movie, That's No Mean Man: An Improvised Lifetime Movie, That's No Valentine: An Improvised Romantic Comedy, That's No Boom: An Improvised Action Movie and That's No Talkie: An Improvised Silent Movie. Their newest piece, That's No Movie's Genre Mash-Up, combines two random, disparate genres into one improvised movie, resulting in mash-ups like Disney Princess secret agents, zombie after-school specials and buddy-cop romcoms.  
That’s No Movie debuted at Planet Comicon 2015 with two shows bringing in around 800 people total. Since then, they've performed at improv festivals and comic cons around the country, including the Del Close Marathon, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Kansas City Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, Planet Comicon 2016, O Comic Con, Crypticon and TopCon. The cast features John Adams, Bobby McCosky, Lauren Pope, Sydney Ragsdale, Gabi Sa Teles and Aron Wallis.