Kansas City, MO
ComedyCity reprises it's Musical show: S!NG. Sundays, at 6:00 PM, S!NG will feature an improvised Broadway style musical. Sunday evenings at 3600 Broadway are about to turn Broadway Boulevard into a reflection of New York City’s famous theater scene. Shortly after ComedyCity signed the papers for the new location at 36th and Broadway,Owner Clay Morgan began to think about the significance of the move. “We moved to Broadway and I kept thinking we should add more music to our shows. We would literally be doing musicals on Broadway,” Morgan said, referencing the new address as partial inspiration for the new offering.“We brought on a dedicated keyboardist, Benjamin Kraus, to addmusic to our Major League Improv shows. He is very talented and the scenes he underscored were really complemented by his music. We wanted to showcase his talent, and show off what the cast has learned recently by working with Ben and 
other outside workshops,” Morgan explained. The cast of S!NG has trained with nationally known improv troupes, Baby Wants Candy from Chicago and TwinProv from Oklahoma City. Moreover the cast has a deep musical theater background. Michael “The Doughboy” Maslak has been performing at ComedyCity since it’s beginning and got his start in musical theater at The University of Kansas. “This is what I was made for; the spotlight, the dancing. All I need now is some pancake makeup and a bottle of booze and I can be just like Judy Garland,” Doughboy joked with a smile. While Major League Improv is the core show Friday and Saturday at ComedyCity, S!NG looks to welcome a new audience on Sunday evenings. With the addition of Kraus and the new skills of the improvisers, ComedyCity is bringing Broadway to Broadway.