Classic brady
New York, NY
Classic Brady is a New York City based improv team. Comprised of Amy Lynne Berger, Jacob Davis, Zak Roland, Chris McDonald, Dave Park and Tom Kelley, this team brings a certain flare to improv. Forming in the fall 2014, Classic Brady prepared themselves for the NYC improv scene by sharing a love of both improv and each other. Long days of practice and commitment to the craft prepared them for the Indie Cage Match at UCB East Village in May of 2015. They battled other improv teams to win three times, which proved them worthy of a coveted slot at UCB Chelsea Cage Match. They proved they had what it takes when they conquered eight time champion and fellow ICM winners, Area 52. Every since Classic Brady has been performing at improv festivals all over the country including NC comedy Fest, The KC Improv Fest and the Del Close Marathon. Classic Brady is an improv team with both talented performers and writers and above all else, the ability to be creative spontaneously with each other. Classic Brady's motto - In Brady We Trust.