Kansas City, MO
The Founding Fathers. The Peace Corps. Jem and the Holograms. Throughout history, whenever great evil rose, equally great men and women banded together to defeat it. In the Kansas City improv community, that great evil was a severe lack of Harold teams. Babies formed to combat that problem... and they remain selflessly triumphant in that battle to this very day! Now, the good citizens of Kansas City no longer need fear dark, Harold-less nights and may instead bask in the light of fully explored character games, well-integrated connections, and friggin' beautiful group games. 
Think you've seen the Harold before? You may think again after seeing Babies perform. Coached by the fantastic James Mastraieni of the UCB, the team continues to find new ways to explore and expand the format, pushing beyond the expected and breaking new boundaries with every show.  
Individual members of Babies have won Kansas City's Underground Throwdown improv competition more than 30 times total, as well as Kansas City's Improv Thunderdome, Next Big Improv Show, and Gauntlet competitions. They have worked with coaches like Kevin Mullaney, Anthony Atamanuik, Rick Andrews, Nick Armstrong, Amey Goerlich and Craig Cackowski, and performed at venues like the Kansas City Improv Festival, the Omaha Improv Festival, The Del Close Marathon (the UCB NY Improv Festival), the Denver Improv Festival, The L.A. Improv Festival, the Chicago Improv Festival, the Jangelheart Festival in Chicago, Out of Bounds, and The Red Dirt Improv Festival in Oklahoma City. When not performing with Babies, you can find the members working with other great groups like After School Special, Alpha Swan Platoon, Chess with Death, Disappointing Birthday Party, and the Kansas City Improv Company.